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I have nog recieved my F-secure sense. I only have Windows Phone (no iPhone/Android). Have Windows 10 PC, connected to the Sense setup network. http://sense.router = cannot show page Going to e.q. www.google.com redirects to the sense setup page. When I click "Download F-secure SENSE" = "This operation could not be completed now. Please tyr again later." message apears. So I cannot set up this Product without and Android or Apple device it seems.

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    Unfortunately the message in that button is a bit obscure in that situation on factory firmware, it's been fixed on a later version to be more informative. You need to finish setting up your SENSE using the android or iOS application before you are able to access and install the Windows client. Information required for provisioning the software becomes available after succesful registration.


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  • So when I preorderad this in december 2015 I thougt this product could be set up with a browser just like any other product I have bought the last 15 years.

    That first setup cannot be done with a computer + browser is really bad, I do not like that you must have an Android or Apple device to be able to use this device.

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