F-secure Sense windows setup not working

MikaelÖstman Posts: 2 New Member
I have nog recieved my F-secure sense. I only have Windows Phone (no iPhone/Android). Have Windows 10 PC, connected to the Sense setup network. http://sense.router = cannot show page Going to e.q. www.google.com redirects to the sense setup page. When I click "Download F-secure SENSE" = "This operation could not be completed now. Please tyr again later." message apears. So I cannot set up this Product without and Android or Apple device it seems.


  • MikaelÖstman
    MikaelÖstman Posts: 2 New Member

    So when I preorderad this in december 2015 I thougt this product could be set up with a browser just like any other product I have bought the last 15 years.

    That first setup cannot be done with a computer + browser is really bad, I do not like that you must have an Android or Apple device to be able to use this device.

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