host operating system cannot be detected or is not supported


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    The host is protected by a firewall. Remote access to the registry is not possible.


    If F-Secure is already installed, then use the policy based method to upgrade to new version


    Otherwise disable the Windows-firewall or uninstall conflicting software.



  • Hi


    You wrote "Otherwise disable the Windows-firewall or uninstall conflicting software"


    Shoud F-Seure under installation do that ??


    FSIS shoud disable "MS Firewall" AND "MS Defender" shout both be disablet, because FSIS is installed.


    Does FSIS 2012 this or dont ??


    On my FSIS 2012 - 1.41.474 - Defender was active, Firewall disablet..

     - is this ordinary from FSIS 2012 after install ??



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    My comment would only match for Client Security,


    if you are testing FSIS please generate a fsdiag ( and open a support case.




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