Code not right error



I am receiving "code not right, try again" message when i start my freedome.

I bought freedome for 3 devices and its currently installed on 2 devices.


It used to be installed on a third device, but its been since uninstalled.

Also i've upgared from win 7 to win 10 while having Freedome installed, but it did work fine with win 10 previously.

Freedome installation is currently working fine on my other computer.


There should be 55d left on my suscription.


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Suni,


    Have you tried to validate your code on the same device? Do you still receive the same error message?

  • suni
    suni Posts: 2

    It says roughly translated: "Code is not valid for this device".

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi Suni,


    Can I confirm if the current OS on the device which has the issue is Win 10? Could you please send me a private message of the screenshot of the error seen; along with your purchase code/invoice number/purchase date so that I can proceed further with this?

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