youtube video blocked

With Freedome running, the video on this page


does not display at all. With Freedome off it works fine. With VPN on, I disabled both tracking protection and website protection but still the video did not load.  



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    Hello Michael2,


    Do you get any specific error when trying to launch the video? Does it keep loading forever or other ?

  • There is no error, just blank space where the video should be. This is, most likley, part of a larger issue with Freedome and YouTube. I often get asked to prove I am human web logged on to Freedome. YouTube complains about a large number of requests from my IP address. 


    My guess is that this is the real underlying problem. Thanks. 

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    Hello Michael2,


    Seems like we are not able to reproduce the issue. We tested with Freedome and tracking protection is on.Could you provide more details on your setup(Freedome version, Operating system, network, etc...)


    The URL is currently not blocked by Freedome.



    Concerning the part for which you have to prove that your are a human, we are aware that this might happen from time to time. Google sees lots of traffic coming from our virtual locations(IP addresses) and thinks that we might be attacking someone.


    We unfortunately cannot really avoid that, however Google generally updates their detection very quickly and these situations should not typically last.

  • Here is a screen shot showing that the youtube section of the page is black. This happened in all 4 web browsers on my Windows 7 system.  I was connected to the East Coast of the US and running version  1.0.1958.0 of Freedome. 


    I understand about YouTube seeing a ton of traffic from your servers. Thats the price we pay to use any VPN. 


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    Hello Michael2, 


    I unfortunately couldn't reproduce the issue on my side. Could you try to access the page from another virtual location?

    Also do you manage to access the video directly from youtube?


  • Ben,

    I switched from US East coast to Montreal, Canada. No change. Here is a screen shot of the direct YouTube access. This seems to be standard operating procedure on YouTube while using Freedome. Admitedly, not the biggest problem in the world. 



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    Hello Michael2,


    Do you get this verification message from Youtube every time? 

    It could be that this is preventing the embedded video to load on the original page.

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