Latest version (as @ 2015-08) of f-secure seems completely non-functional with XPsp3/Chrome

Since the last upgrade to f-secure earlier in the month the product seems to have become largely non-functional and when it does work, highly disruptive in unhelpful ways. Most of the time (but not quite always) the programme won't load on reboot, and when it does it seems to be crashing/interfering with a number of other programmes. Chrome (latest update) seems particularly affected and 'grey-screens' incessantly when f-secrue is active.


Up until now I was quite liking the product, even if the user preference options available are very basic.


Hardware = Dell Inspiron 1215

Op Sys = Windows XP sp3

Browser (Normally) = Google Chrome Version 43.0.2357.132 m



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    I should add, I'm a VM customer, in case that is relevant... H
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    Hi Hugh,


    I'm not sure how well Windows XP is supported now, or whether the support is likely to degrade over time (and updates).  If you don't get a fairly quick response here, then I would suggest popping in a Support Ticket with an FSDIAG and hopefully the tech guys will be able to see what may be going on.

  • HughHugh Posts: 5

    Thx for the prompt contribution. I'm not sure if I trust F-Secure to roll back to an earlier and more stable version (for XP), given the nature of anti-virus data updating requirements. There's been no indication or advance notice that the product might not work with earlier Windows versions, or inhibitory warning messages. (As it happens, I plan to migrate from XP directly to 10 - after the initial debugging period - as imho the versions inbetween have all had enough flaws to render them unattractive...) H

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    That will be a steep jump from XP to Windows 10!  I've got 10 on my laptop, but am keeping Windows 7 on my main machine, as I kind of like it.


    XP SP3 is the earliest OS still supported by F-Secure, so I guess, in time, it will drop off the back of the line as FS upgrades.  Not sure about rolling back to en earlier version, but I guess, say, 2014 should be OK if's still getting signature updates.  F-Secure themselves would be better placed to advise in this, though, which is why it might be an idea to pop in a support ticket.

  • @Hugh


    I have the same problem using XP sp3. FSIS just stopped working with the update. I need to still use the PC to access machines with xp embedded, and this doesn't work properly with Win7 xp environment. So I uninstalled FSIS with the intention of reinstalling, a part working software with no indication of what's working is useless and dangerous. Ended up with a message saying processor (AMD XP1800+) not supported on reinstall, even though its spec is better than that required.  According to FS they don't support the CPU since last month. Not good enough! Waiting for another reply, last one took a week. In the meantime I have installed Bitdefender AV free - light on resources but almost zero customer settings, no pop ups or nag screens. Also installed - Personal firewall - need to allow full access for Bitdefender or it won't update. I already use Sandboxie on every PC. If you think the personal firewall is too much bother, do check that the Windows Firewall is switched on, and make sure that under the exceptions tab, that nothing is ticked to allow bypassing the fw. I also use Firefox with essential extensions - NoScript and uBlock origin(more than an adblocker). That lot should keep you safe until FS either come up with a solution or a refund.

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    Many thanks for your thoughts. Update on my situation... on the third reinstall of f-secure (and a google chrome update to 44.0.2403.157 m, which may well have helped?) I have finally got something that seems to function mostly OK. In the interim, I tried it with no security software just to provide a comparative alternative, and everything worked perfectly well. (And I didn't pick up anything nasty on the way through... [As an aside, I don't use outlook, which probably helps...]) I now have f-secure anti-virus on, but the browser protection extension disabled. I am still getting the occasional grey-screen, but not often enough to be totally frustrating, just mildly annoying. Incidentally, there's still a lot of silliness with the licence management - it seems to end up sorting itself out, but only by not following the logical steps... H

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    Forgot to add... I think most of the trouble has been caused by Flash, and more particularly by incompatibilites between the way(s) that Google and F-Secure have tried to overcome recently publicised flaws with its security? (Not that it was ever a very stable product in the first place!) H 

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