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I have not purchased F Secure yet.  I have 2 Laptops and 2 Desktops with Windows 7 and a Mac Laptop Pro with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3.  I was told I should run F Secure, Malwarebytes an C Cleanere on my equioment.  I have Malwarebytes now and plan on getting C Cleaner and F Secure.

My question is what version of F Secure should I run?  

Do I use the same F Secure on the Mac and Windows?

 Should I run C Cleaner before or after I instal F Secure?  

Do I ourchase a disc or download F Secure?

Thanks for your help



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    Hi Fornay,


    F-secure SAFE would be the product for you, as it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Android devices. You may also choose for how many devices you want to protect. 

    SAFE product is downloaded from our site, please see the link below:



    I would recommend running CCleaner before installing F-secure, to make sure it does not affect F-secure files.



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    Hi @Forney, Welcome to our F-Secure Community! Smiley Happy


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    Thanks for your help.


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    This works great, thanks for your help.





  • I just wanted say that F-Secure SAFE is the product of choice but do not forget the other tools you can get from F-Secure. Once you are locked down with SAFE do not forget that if you are on Wi-Fi to consider Freedome as your VPN especially since you are rocking the Mac laptop.

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