Freedome connects but browser can't

Everything worked fine for me with Freedome until the last update.  Currently at v1.0.1565.0 on Windows 8.1.  I have a good network connection; can browse the web, check email, etc.  When I set Freedome protection to ON, email connections fail, web browsing and every other network operation fails.  I've tried changing proxy end-point locations.


Anyone else seeing this?  Suggested resolutions?




  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Agni,


    Some of our servers had problems in the last 24h, but they should be now resolved.

    Let me know should you still have problem to connect.

  • agniagni Posts: 3

    Thanks for the reply, Ben.  Following your note on Tuesday connections were working for me in the afternoon.  Connections failed yesterday, however, and again this morning.  No configuration changes between when everything worked on Tuesday afternoon and now.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Agni,


    do you still get that every virtual location?

    You mentioned "good network connection". Which type of network are you on? 

    Could you try alternative ones?

  • agniagni Posts: 3

    Thanks again, Ben. Problem persists.  Here are some updates.

    1) Freedome informed me of an available update, which I have now applied.  So, I'm at v1.0.1715.0


    2) When I said "good network connection" I was mainly referring to the connection functioning normally.  Bandwidth is also good.  I've now observed this on two different networks.  When I first posted, I was on the wifi guest network at my office.  I don't know their bandwidth.  But it's a large company with multiple data centers around the country.  I'm sure it's very robust.  Presently, I'm at home, where I have a cable modem and I again connect to the LAN via wifi. rates my download speed at 1.06Mbps.


    3) I've tried setting Freedome to use 4 different locations all over the world.  In each case, the result is the same.  Freedome says that I'm connected, but I get failures resolving hostname and errors in web browser and email clients.  With Freedome on using the U.S. East Coast location, my default DNS was listed (from ipconfig) as  I'm not sure if that changes with the location setting.


    4) When connected via Freedome, I checked my ipconfig and verified that Freedome TAP adapter was my default.  I tried pinging other hosts on my home LAN without success.  When I shut Freedom off, pings to internal hosts do succeed.  I would hope the intended functionality would be for connectivity to privately addressed (RFC 1918) networks to still work when Freedome is on.

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    Try the following steps: 1. Click start 2. Type My PC (may also be listed as "my computer" or "this pc") 3. Right click what is listed. 4. Select "Manage" 5. Go to the device manager. 6. Under "Network Adapters" find your wireless driver. 7. Right click your driver and select "update driver software" 8. Then select Services from the left sidebar. 9. Right click and restart the following services: DHCP client DNS Client WLAN Autoconfig Once those have restarted open command prompt as an administrator and type the following commands: 1. ipconfig /flushdns 2. netsh winsock reset 3. netsh int ipv6 reset You may also want to open the task manager and end the following tasks: 1. F-secure Freedome (in Apps section) 2. F-secure Freedome Agent (background processess) 3. F-secure Freedome Service (background processess) 4. OpenVPN Deamon (background processess) Then restart the machine. Most of that process is redundant but it essiantially resets your computer's internet connection, including connection services, drivers, and stored cache
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