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At this moment there a some really bad TDSS (like BOO/TDss.M) on the web active.

How good is the Deepguard against TDSS?

If you would like have some samples, you can get them here from this User: (Sorry it´s a german forum).


Greetz Hexo

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    Hi Hexo,


    thanks for your post.


    Generally our Deepguard and our heuristics are doing pretty good with TDSS malware. Our Lab is also keeping active track on this family of malware and will adjust our product if needed. If you suspect any computer to be already infected with this rootkit, we recommend to use our Rescue CD  ( to clean the system.


  • HexoHexo Posts: 240
    No no, my system is clean. I have checked it with several tool like Gdata Boot CD, Emsisoft and of cource F-Secure IS 2011.
    Also i use a sandboxie when i am surfing on the web.

    This was only a question about the efficent of F-Secure and TDSS malware.

  • jackmajackma Posts: 57

    Dear Hexo,


    you can also satisfy your query by registering at . Registering will give you a ticket ID compared to submitting anonymously. Via ticket ID a virus specialist can stay in contact with your query.


    Tip: Archive the data with a password protected ZIP. Before uploading use the word "infected" as password.


    - jackma

  • HexoHexo Posts: 240

    Ok, then i try to get these samples and send them to f-secure.


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