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Installed Freedome on my iPhone 5 with iOS 7.1. Now I can't send emails anymore when the VPN is on. I'm using my operators outgoing email SMTP server (Sonera Finland) with SSL on port 465. Any idea how to make it work again? Everything else work ok and email work ok without Freedome VPN.

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    Hello OnnenOnkija,


    As a general rule, when an user tries to send email using his Internet Service Provider's SMTP server ( in your case), and is not connecting from that ISP's network, the user must "authenticate" when connecting the SMTP server. So that the SMTP server knows that the email is being sent by a customer of Sonera.


    In your case, you are connecting from Freedome, not from Sonera's 3G network . You therefore need in practice to authenticate.

    There are instructions on this page that might help you work around your problem.


    Please check that the username and password are set for outgoing email ("lähtevän postin palvelin").

    These instructions are unfortunately for adding a new account. it might be different for an existing account.



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