emails not showing pictures since changing from virgin security

I successfully downloaded the new security yesterday as recommended by virgin but since then a lot of my emails are not showing pictures.  I just get little boxes with an X in. When I right click and then click on 'show picture' they still won't show.  This is from trusted websites such as amazon, and I have never had any problem with these emails until changing the security package.  There isn't even the option at the top of the emails saying the usual thing about always show images from this company.  I haven't got time to be clicking through to each individual website to see what the pictures are.  Help - any ideas?

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    In some cases the Virgin Media Security has not been completely removed by the normal uninstall, leading to strange behavior. These problems have been solved by running an additional removal tool. Instructions here:


    If that doesn't help then re-install F-Secure.

  • Thank you so much - I'll give it a try.

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    If you need further help, we'll need to know which email client is giving the problem.  :)

  • Hi Simon. My email address is ntlworld - this is a virgin media email account, which I think is actually part of google mail.

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    In that case, sorry, I can't help.  If NikK's suggestion of using the VMS Uninstall Tool, then reinstalling F-Secure doesn't work, then unless anyone else here has any ideas, your best bet would be to submit a Supprt Request to F-Secure.

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    pompeygirl, not sure if you replied because you still have problems or just to inform about your email solution?!


    If you have Gmail, a web based mail, you should know that Google has made some changes recently in how pictures are displayed. Read this and verify your Gmail settings:


    Second, try with a different browser if you have one. Or try to temporarily disable the F-Secure add-on in your browser just to see if that helps. Example for Internet Explorer: Tools menu - Manage add-ons. Select "F-Secure Online Safety" and then "Disable".

  • Hi again NikK and Simon - thanks so much for getting back to me.  I've had a manic few days and not had a chance to try any of these solutions.  I'll have a go at your latest suggestions and feedback soon.  I'm really grateful for all your interest. Happy New Year to you both.

  • Hi again Simon and NikK


    No joy - I have totally uninstalled all traces of virgin security (using the downloads that you gave me the link to NikK) and it's made no difference. 


    I have also checked my settings on the email account and they are set to always showing images, but still I'm getting the boxes with a little x in them.  A new phenomenon has now occurred - a couple of emails have come up the message 'always display images from this website'  and when I click on it I still don't have images but the little boxes change colour from white with a blue x to black with a white x!!


    I usually use internet explorer but opened my emails in Google chrome to see what would happen - again no different, except that instead of little boxes with an x in, I'm getting a small rectangle with pastel shading where the pictures should be.  I've forwarded all the defective emails on to an outlook account that I also have to see what would happen, and they are opening perfectly through that account using this same computer.


    It's a complete mystery and maybe the answer lies with virgin?  I've looked on the virgin community forum and a lot of people are having this problem since changing the security package.


    Thanks again for all your help.

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    A total shot in the dark, but apparently there's a Virgin Service Manager which doesn't get removed with the uninstaller. Perhaps try uninstalling that?
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    Good to hear you've found an explanation.  Thanks for letting us know - this might help others with similar issues.  :)

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