I’m having trouble installing the Spectrum Secure Software Suite, F-Secure Oneclient-based.

I’m installing on a Dell Laptop running Windows 10. During the install/setup, it does a compatibility check and it finds a file that is incompatible with the install. The application it finds is F-Secure OneClient Based product (which seems to me to be the application I’m installing). The install program displays a button to remove the incompatible file and then reboots the system. It appears to be removing the file but after the reboot, it starts the compatibility check again and finds the same find. I’ve gone through this process numerous times and the install program reports the same incompatible file, an endless loop. What do I need to do to get pass this issue?

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  • sean10078sean10078 Posts: 1
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    I had same issue, installed FsUninstallationTool from F-secure site, uninstalled all residual Fsecure software, reboot the PC and try Spectrum secure again, it is installed now.

  • ChopperleeChopperlee Posts: 2
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    That was exactly what I needed. I now have the security suite installed. Thanks!!!!

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