Ended my subscription to 6 days too early and subscription code doesn't work

Hi. First my subscripiton ended 6 days earliler than it was supposed to. when i messaged about this they said i could try a subscription code, i entered it and said could not verify code. then i try the code i got when purchased the subsricpiton first time and says have been installed to many times. Help me, first i need my 6 days extra that already was paid for/ and or working subscripiton! Talk of bad service pleace help

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 565
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    Hello @Mrishka 


    Please refer this KB article  how does the Freedome subscription period works. Please contact our F-Secure Support team and provide them subscription key to verify your subscription details. They will check and provide a new reclaim key or provide 30 days free code if needed. 

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