F-Secue's new SENSE App (now available at the AppStore) includes interesting features like "Family Protection" (parental control via the app) and "Protection on the Go".
Will our SENSE routers get those features as well?



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    Hello @SvenSven 


    Our Sense team replied that F-Secure SENSE Router is our F-Secure hardware solution to protect your connected home that we launched in May 2017 and is now sold as part of F-Secure TOTAL in selected regions.


    F-Secure will start offering F-Secure SENSE connected home security pre-installed in 3rd party routers that are sold by telco operators/broadband providers as part of their offering to their end customers. F-Secure router vendor partner Zyxel will start selling the solution to its telco operator customers in the US later expanding to Europe, see press release.


    The F-Secure SENSE solution pre-installed in selected router models is initially intended for our telco operator channel and we will be looking into offering the solution also to our direct customers. Please stay tuned for more information.


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    Hello @SvenSven 


    Please allow us to check this with our Sense team and will keep you updated here.

  • Thank you for clarifying. I hope the SENSE router will get all the SENSE features soon.  I'll keep fingers crossed.

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