"Protection active" bar in the top of the screen


I'm using F-Secure SAFE and it works fine, with one exception.

The bar in the top of the screen that is "visible" when a secure connection is active.

This bar covers almost the entire top of the screen. If one have to switch to another tab in the web-browser it's very easy that you by mistake move the cursor too far up and the bar drops down and cover all tabs.

This is so annoying.

Can't you please make the security bar a bit smaller? Or even better, put it in the taskbar.




  • CaleCale Posts: 123 F-Secure Product Manager



    Thanks for your feedback. We have started to refactor our user interface and the banking flyer is on our todo list. It has a new design that should remove your problem.



  • TotteBTotteB Posts: 2
    Sounds great.
    Any official release plan for that?
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