Time limit on Android device

F-Secure SAFE time limits have been functioning all good up until now. Even though nobody is using the phone, SAFE says the time limit is up. How could I troubleshoot this problem? 


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    How could I troubleshoot this problem? 

    Maybe it is an option to extend time limits under My F-Secure Account portal and check situation.


    With my experience -> there are should be visible indicator of available time (hh:mm:ss). So, should be possible to check count  - does it active or not.


    Maybe certain application can be with background state as active 'usage'.

    Also, I think that if certain application is opened (not at background or something like this) and device is idle -> likely that it is marked as 'using the phone'. 



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    Mobile device view in F-Secure SAFE web service

    I can only see this ( https://imgur.com/3Qu0Bd6 ) view on the web service of F-Secure SAFE and cannot find the time usage under any of those buttons. Where should I find it?



  • Ukko
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    It should be possible to choose "Family Rules" and then something like "Time limits"-tab.

    There is Online Help/Documentation: https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/safe-android/latest/en/task_BB17B580CD684E9993201F5216012977-safe-android-latest-en


    But it is about 'set up time limits' (ability to 'add' more time; just like extend limits) and then my suggestion was about look for device own count (like taskbar or under application user interface) with on-going timer. When third party application is active -> such count with changes each second (with my understanding - such setting is marked as 'device usage'); When all applications are not active -> such count with static view.



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