How long the PIN stays on the display?

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How long the PIN code stays on the display after reading the diag.log from the SENSE router?




  • What?

    The pin code should stay there untill you pair it?

    Why you need diag.log at pairing?

    Some problems on pairing?

    What device and which android/ios version?

  • emf
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    Sense also shows/asks PIN when requesting diagnostics file from http://sense.router/diag.log.


    It seems I was too busy when asking, it seems PIN stays there for several minutes and then display shows the usual clock again.

  • Mine doesn't or haven't maybe never watches the sense when running diag command.

  • emf
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    I was not able to download the diag file without entering the displayed PIN.

  • Ah yes it does show it nowadays. Didn't know that, not sure if it even was in any chagelog?



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