On Off Switch to start Tracking Protection seems to be hacked

I have a strange line within my green on off switch to start my tracking protection. As my PC is the only one showing this result i wonder if I am hacked or have a MIDM Attack ? Does anyone had the same issues or can provide help and support ? Best regards Thomas


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    How do I upload error pictures and/or screenshots of errors while trying to access f-secure or while using freedome itself in this community ? Best regards Thomas
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    When screenshot/picture is created;

    Then it should be possible to use 'functionality' Photos (or so) during creating a reply.


    There was discussion:


    Additionally, I able to say that with "logged" (and before login into Community) can be difference 'editor'-view.



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    Freedome.JPGOn On Switch.JPG

    Ukko wrote

    Hi Ukko here is the screenshoot
    Hope it helps to solve the issue.



    When screenshot picture is created

    Then it should be possible to use functionality Photos or so during creating a reply.



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    Screenshots indeed with strange view.


    If your "See it in action"-button also with such view as with screenshot (not fully visible border) -> maybe something wrong with installation. But does it only with Browsing Protection tab?! Or Tracking Protection also with broken view?


    What I'm able to suggest:


    -> re-check that installed latest Freedome build;

    -> maybe to try re-install Freedome (if licence information is known for you);

    -> re-check that system with installed latest video-drivers/graphic-cards drivers (just as random suggestion).


    Not likely that it is indicator of some hack-troubles. But maybe some internal troubles with installation/system.



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    Hi Thomas,


    Could you please provide a screenshot of the Tracking Protection setting which has the strange line?


    Are you able to turn on/off the Tracking Protection setting?

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    Dear Laksh,

    I am able to turn on/off.

    Please find screenshot from settings.

    Thanks for your efforts. Do you have an idea ? Best Thomas

    F-Secure Tracking Settings.JPGTracking Settings.JPG

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    Hi @TL0,


    Sorry, just realised your other post in the Freedome board. I have merged them together and also saw the screenshot.


    Do you happen to see this line only recently?

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    Hi TL0,


    I brought your post to the Freedome team's attention. We might need to get further information about your specifications like the particular display driver/OS/display adapter. However, they also informed that nothing in here indicated of any MITM attack or anything similar.


    It might be a UI glitch and we need the specification information to check further.

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    Dear Laksh , again thanks for your support.

    Please advise where I will find specifications like "the particular display driver/OS/display adapter" to provide screenshoots to you and freedome team.

    Many thanks for your efforts.


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    Could you please löet me know why I always get ""2"" identical send and received communication messenges shown on this community Board ? Should be there one ONE?



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    Hi Thomas,


    Kindly get in touch with our support team via chat or phone as mentioned here in order to troubleshoot further on your issue. They will be able to guide you further and investigate this issue. Please refer this community thread to your support contact.


    Regarding your double post issue, I checked your profile and I can only see one post. I don't see a double post. Does it happen always? Try to refresh the page and see if it happens again.

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