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I want to acess a streaming service provided by our German national broadcaster ARD on my Hisense Smart TV - they have an app called "ARD Mediathek" - the app navigation works, but selecting a stream does not work until I switch of Tracking Protection in SENSE.


Is it possible to deactivate protection on a device level? Or what other options do I have?

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    Thanks for the report.


    Tracking protection can interfere with the functionality of services and websites. Currently we do not have a feature to control the security features on per-device basis, but we have been discussing this possibility.  There are also some ideas on how to improve control over tracking protection. I'll make sure to add another vote for this feature when we discuss our future development items.


    Currently the only available work-around I can offer is to turn off tracking protection when watching TV streams.


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  • Thanks.


    Funny thing is that from the handful of streaming services I use, this one is the only one that has problems.

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