How do you combine two Wi-Fi networks on the SENSE router?

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I have read the SENSE setup guide and F-Secure FAQS carefully, and it does not address dual band WI-FI connections. My question how do I set up all devices as the SENSE router as the WIFI extender. The reason I am asking this is that my current router has two specific networks. It has the 2.4ghz network and the 5ghz one for streaming of high-def content. I like to use that one more because of broadband media streaming. Is there a way to protect and connect with both in WIFI Setup? Please help me if I can fix this somehow or do I just have to wait and chill while you guys work on updates?


Any ideas or advice is very much appreciated :). Thank you in advance.


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    Sense should be the main router of which wifi networks you extend with extenders.

    If you would do it the other way around, only devices connected to sense would be protected.

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    Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast

    I thank you very much for the super fast apply and wonderful advice. I think you are correct in that F-Secure sense should be the primary router. I appreciate it and what I will do exactly as instructed and make F-Secure safe as my main router :).

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