5GHz WiFi wofully slow compared to 2.4GHz WiFi


5GHz WiFi is wofully slow compared to 2.4GHz WiFi


If I connect to SENSE using the 5GHz WiFi I get Download and Upload speeds (using Ookla Speedtest) of

1.5Mbps to 6.6Mbps Download   and   1.5Mbps to 7.5Mbps Upload


If I connect to the 2.4GHz channel on SENSE I get Donwload and Upload speeds in the rage of

46Mbps to 76Mbps Download   and    15Mbps Uplaod (more or less constant upload speed)


Do you have any tips on what I can do to try to find the cause of this.

I have tried to restart SESE and the computer (Surface Pro 4) without it helping.


  • Do you get those speeds with 5GHz when your surface is very close to Sense router?

    5Ghz has shorter range.

  • _UrsusCatulus_
    _UrsusCatulus_ Posts: 21 Explorer

    Got 80Mbps after changing channel, so might have been the reason. I will do more testing and see if the speed keeps up. But for now it looks like all is well :)

  • Julle42
    Julle42 Posts: 7 Explorer

    I just tested my Sense Wifi speed.


    Using 2,4 GHz I got about 24 Mbit/s download speed and with 5 GHz over 90 Mbit/s (my Internet connection has max. 110 Mbit/s download speed)


    Our neighborhood has many 2,4 GHz networks but only a few 5 GHz

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