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    I don’t know if it is related but it may help to understood the root cause by comparing the versions, but I also noticed recently quite a lot/fréquent (usually short) internet disconnections that seems to be happening only since the last firmware update 01-p- on 2nd November.

  • Well I have had these at least from the beginning of this topic..

    Luckily I can just plug my pc to my WAN router to fix the issue, but if my subscription would end now, I wouldn't pay anything before this is fixed.

    I have also talked about these issues with my F-Secure contacts from business/partner side, and they understand my negativity about this product.

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    I don’t know how it is related, but I finally also restarted my ADSL box to which is connected my Sense router...and the short disconnections have not reappeared since then (almost 1 day now).

  • I have reseted mine many times and tried bridge mode and no bridge mode.

  • Well it seems to drop or slow down the connection pretty much every day.

    Sense is becoming more and more useless to me.

    It seems that I soon need to just use my other routers for everything, which is sad since I really like the Sense.

    Internet connection works fine from other routers and there's no network issues from my ISP.

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    I assume you have plentty of space around the WiFi channel used? Sense seems sensitive to WiFi activity nearby.

  • @hepa wrote:

    I assume you have plentty of space around the WiFi channel used? Sense seems sensitive to WiFi activity nearby.

    Its not a wifi only problem, but yes. Closest neighbour wlan is 100+ meters away.


    I have now switched sense to my 4g router to test if it suffers from the same issue of internet speed and connection lost.

  • Well all has been working fine with 4g router, though have not gamed really.

    So the issue may be on my Fritzbox6490 or on my ISP Anvia/Elisa side.

    4G router has DNA as ISP.

    Let's see how it goes.

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    Perhaps you should restart/reset your box as I did.

    since then I don’t have had any more interruption of connection...

  • I have done it many times before and after you. :)

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    Hi, just to confirm, everything works with the 4g router without breakups?


    I have been running dota 2 (in spectator mode) through an elisa dsl we obtained here at the office, but I haven't seen any specific 'breakups'. I occasionally see tracking protection blocks on the device console when the game is running, but they don't appear to have a specific impact on the game.


    I'll continue monitoring the situation but at least so far I have been unable to reproduce the exact issue described, unfortunately. There's probably a combination of issues in play here, but reproducing them can be difficult without access to the environment in which this occurs.

  • Haven't had enough time to test with the 4g router, but the issue also occurred with it before/ back then with my last sense device. Which was the main reason for device replacement.

    Switching between 4g router and fritzbox takes some setting up to do so I need more free time to test.

    But for now, I am not anymore sure where the issue really lies.

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    For us the important information at this point is that if the issue does not occur with your 4g connection, then it narrows the problem down a bit for us.


    We have one misbehaving router currently in our possession where IPv6 connectivity is causing issues and the firewall keeps reloading it's rules as the wan6 interfaces bounces up and down. Elisa doesn't have IPv6 connectivity in their network, but this router still delegates an ipv6 address into the local network for SENSE.  Disabling IPv6 apperas to resolve the stability issue. We are checking if we can somehow recognize this scenario and handle it.


    SENSE itself has a method of disabling IPv6 support locally during setup through advanced settings, which is only exposed in certain problem cases (you get an IP but not connectivity from upstream etc.), but this feature isn't yet available in the main network settings unfortunately.

  • Status update:


    It may have also been issue with wan router or with isp's own infrastructure.

    There was at least lots of issues with the isp related stuff this and last month, for example capacity issues.

    I'll try to have time to test it now.


    ISP changed all of these after I also complained to them:

    Router from fritzbox to a brand new ARRIS TG2492s.

    The cable router's coax cable and internet/tv splitter thingie.

    Also they changed the cable wallport thingie inside the wall.


    This new wan router supports bridged mode directly/easily, so I put it in that mode and let's see if I can reproduce the issue with this one also.


    Sidenote, the issue was also with the 4g router since that was the reason for me to change the sense device the second time since we didn't isolate the issue to specific wan router. But with the 4g router it worked better so do not know if it was a lucky issue with it also or not. Though 4g is not as reliable with the connection anyways, since they can change ip addresses on the fly even when there's loads of traffic going through.

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    Thank you for the update, hopefully your issue has been resolved. Please let us know how things go.

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    Connection has remained stable and reliable for a two months now. Thank you!

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