Tracking blocking that is counterproductive

I assume it is SENSE that is doing some blocking of "tracking" that sometimes is counterproductive.

Like the blocking of and some other email links you would like to use but can't because SENSE is blocking it.


Not sure if any of thiese options are viable options:

One possible solution I think of is if there was a "placement" page loaded from the SENSE router stating that this is a "tracking link" and give you the option to visit it anyway.

Another option would be if there was a way for SENSE to "translate" the link (remote open and redirect to the real target url).


But I wish there was a way to temp say you want to bypass the tracking protection and actually follow a link of your choosing.


  • I noticed the same issue with the same url today.

    There is whitelisting option available on ios app, but do not know when it lands on android.

    But yeah i would like a feature like on example ublock origin where you can permanently or temporarily allow a tracking site so you get redirected to the right place without all the hassle on copypasting part of the url.

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