SENSE app on Android do not get device status

The Android app do not get any information on on-line devices from router, i.e. showing all "Currently not connected to SENSE" "Showing cached data" and last seen 4 days old. The app  overview however  shows 'Everything is OK" and the blue dot. Number of on-line protected devices is OK, i.e connection to router established from the app. 

Accepted Answer

  • Unknown
    Accepted Answer

    Reboot phone and start the app and wait  5mins on the screen where it says showing cached data.

    If it doesn't work, then reboot sense router by unplugging power cable.


  • Earthcore
    Earthcore Posts: 7 New Member

    Rebooting by unplugging worked. I hope it was i temporary glitch and that I don't need to do this every second month.

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