Senses freezes


I've had sense now since beginning of july and it has worked OK until today.

First in the morning just after 10 o'clock Sense just froze. Clock stopped to show 10:10, no lan activity according to lan connector leds, also all wifi connections were lost. I rebooted the device and everything was OK again. The same happened again this evening around 21:45. Again Sense just frozed/died. Pulling the mains plug off and back again fixed the problem. What could be the cause for this? mobile app logs do not have any indication of the events. This isn't very promising... 


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi sam_he,


    Based on your scenario, this needs further investigation from our support team. I will be escalating your post to our support team and one of them will be getting back to you via email for further communication.


  • sam_he
    sam_he Posts: 8

    Hi Laksh,


    Yes indeed I think so too. Looking forward to your support team contact.

  • Replying to myself as I could not reply to the email anymore since the case was already closed.

    Today I noticed that Sense rebooted around 21.40 without no obvious reason.

    I don't know if this is anyhow related to the previous issue, but this is anyway an issue for me.

    Please email me if you want to have the log file after right after the reboot.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi sam_he,


    Based on your case details, do you now have a new SENSE device? If it is a new device, this might be a different issue as the device is changed.


    You can always get in touch with our support team for further investigation via chat/phone as mentioned here.

  • FS_Simo
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    Thanks for the report,


    You can also send the log to sense-feedback(at) and reference this discussion, but often the specific circumstances that lead to a reboot are lost when the logs are aquired afterwards unless they show clues of some specific hardware issue.


    The next firmware update has a stability fix for a rare issue we have discovered that may cause the device to reboot in some specific circumstances. The users that encounter it can be severely affected, while most may never see it.


    If it was a one-time reboot incident, let's monitor the situation. If the device keeps randomly rebooting then it's possibly related to the issue we have found and hopefully the next firmware build will fix it. We are still in the process of testing, so please bear with us and stay tuned.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • OK, I will send the log to that address.

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