FSecure Sense For Windows

RavC Posts: 9 Explorer

Hello, I have a question regarding FSecure Sense for Windows. I have the Windows version of Sense (http://sense.router) installed on my PC ... while checking the advanced settings, I noticed Sense for Windows does have an anti-spam filter. I activated this filter and set up the rule for moving messages with [SPAM] in subject to my spam folder in MS Outlook 2016 as described in the manual. I then logged into my webmail Outlook account and copied some spam messages as a test to my inbox then started MS Outlook application on my PC ... none of the spam messages were detected.


I checked my MS Outlook 2016 add-ins section and I can't see any add-ins from FSecure. Can someone explain to me how the anti-spam filter works? Thanks!


- Rav.


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