Sense Tracking Protection does not work?

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i try to take some tests. I found a Website:

On this Website you can check the tracking protection. I have eneabled the Protection

in the Sense App / Router. The Website showed me that my devices are unprotected!

I test my Smartphone with Google Chrome and a Computer with Google Chrome.

I have done a few tests because I've been wondering about personalized advertising

on different websites. A few weeks ago, I received much less advertising.

Especially no personalized advertising.


Update: ok i found the reason. Tracking Protection does not work on HTTPS Sites.

My old IPS/IDS System like Suricata can take a look in HTTPS Sessions. 

When I visit a banking site, the https connection is not broken.

Banking sites are recognized by the IPS / IDS system.

Almost all websites I visit use https connections.


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    Tracking protection should also work for HTTPS sites on the level that we can identify the tracking domains the websites are accessing. The panopticlick is a simulation test and uses some domains we didn't have ratings for, but we made some adjustments in the cloud detections so at least the result should be a bit better.


    - Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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