Couple of problems with starting to use Sense

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1. Connecting additional mobile devices. I initially installed the network with my Android phone. Then installed the Sense software on my iPhone, but it just wants me to create a new Sense network. How do I connect it to my current one? It's using the WiFi via Sense just fine.


2. Freedome on Android and Sense. When I start up my phone, Freedome turns on and the Sense software connects. But if I close the Sense software and start it up again, it isn't able to connect to the Sense device. It only connects again if I turn off Freedome.


3. Is the Sense softare running? How can I make sure the Sense software is running on my phone? It isn't shown on the top bar like Freedome and Safe are. Does it turn automatically when I turn on my phone?


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    1. The Sense ios app is only for configurin the device, at least for now. So it is only necessary for one ios device.

    2. Freedome is a vpn connection which puts your phone out of sense's LAN if you don't do some host mapping/manual input local ip on the phone, or something like that. Your connection still goes through Sense router, but it is encrypted by freedome.

    3. Not sure how the Sense software works on ios, but would say that it runs in the background, but I am not sure if it does any protection due: See answer 1.

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    Hi Platypus,


    Just adding on to what @FormerMember has mentioned, Sense for Android has AV protection. It runs on the background, and will popup/toast a notification if it detects anything malicious. Sense for iOS is only a SENSE management app.

    For the Freedome question, you can whitelist the network for now in Freedome to make the connection.

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