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One more strange blocking: trying to setup Ghostery (I use the Firefox extension), the extension says, while I try to connect it, "We encounter a problem".

Access to their website ( ) give this error (it's not a blocked page): "Secure Connection Failed"


If I untick "Tracking protection", all works well.


Silly behaviour: Ghostery is a do-not-track-me extension ! Smiley Surprised


(and BTW: there's a tracker on this page, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management !)


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    F-Secure Freedome Tracking Protection also able to mark it as "tracking attempts" about their domain (but - I tried only to open Ghostery website);

    Mainly as with browsing protection false positives (or other concerns) there should be useful transfer it to F-Secure Labs:


    With my own experience - "most of visible false positives" can be there long time.. and just with transfer by F-Secure SAS there can be changes;


    Or if... it designed situation -> so F-Secure Labs able to do response about it;



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