Sense with Synology NAS, lost web access

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Got the Sense up and running at home, but my Synology NAS is not that happy with its new router.


Since I have to do all the administration from the iPhone and then use a browser on my Mac to access the NAS it feels a bit old...


Sense use by default port 80 on the web, just to let me download Windows software.


I don't want to have that as default, with my old router I could redirect port 80 to https on my NAS with a trusted certificate and access my NAS. Now I'm offline with a fancy with box with a clock.


I also was under the impression that I could access the Sense from outside my house, but I can only access it from one device... 


Any suggestions


  • Laksh
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    Hi KennethN,


    Regarding the access to the NAS, I have passed on your feedback to our SENSE team and they'll investigate more on this.


    About accessing SENSE from outside the house, currently only one device can be the SENSE “admin device”. We are working on adding the possibility of multiple admin devices. We are also adding the functionality of accessing your SENSE from wherever you are with your device running your SENSE app.

  • D-Fens2
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    should I connect my NAS to the Sense Router? are there also security benefits for an up-to-date synology?

  • FS_Simo
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    Obviously we recommend connecting your NAS to the SENSE network, having a hardened security router with security features adds depth to your defence even if your devices would have the latest updates.

  • FS_Simo
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    @KennethN: With the port fowarding you should able to forward any available external port to your NAS, have you had any luck with that?


    The remote access features are being worked on (and are on our short-term development roadmap) and they will be available as an update.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • KennethN
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    My Synology is now up and running, and I can browse to it via https:// from the outside of my home.


    The case is that Synology have by default, a config tool that will run, and do the setup for you based on what type of router the user have. Since there is no way that my Synology can access my router, the default tool will fail.



    So what I did was to run the tool, and add a router that "does not exist" and did a manual port opening. 

    I then removed all the old rules on my Synology, and added them one by one. I have now added this ports as I used on my Synology, in my Sense as well.


    I have remote access over web with https and I have the cloud station working. That is what I need from the outside. The rest I can access from home.


    So yeah, it works as I wanted it to do.


    The only thing I dont have, that I had in my 100 euro Cisco router, is a way to open a port in my router from the outside of my home Smiley Wink 

    I would love to have my Sense in a cloud access from my iPhone.

    Let the Sense app install a certificate in my iPhone or what ever, and access it through the F-Secure network. 


  • D-Fens2
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    okay, then I need a feature to set a static IP for the NAS, or a feature in Sense's DHCP-Server that the NAS will always get the same IP. thank you :)

  • Which NAS does not have option for setting a static ip for it in its own configuration?

    Synology, buffalo, lacie and qnap at least have this option, but have not heard of any NAS that doesn't have, so please share which manufacturer's does not have, thanks!

  • D-Fens2
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    of course even the crappist NAS's can set a static IP, but sometimes I take one of my NAS with me.

    and than I have to remember to change the IP. It's only more convenient, and of course not a top prio on our feature request list Smiley Wink



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