Sense working properly?

I am using iPhone and made a little test. Put Freedome on, went to and Freedome blocked 14 tracking attempts. Connected to my Sense (freedome off this time). Went to same pages, blocked 0 tracking attempts. Also when i go to, it does not show message intended to. It just shows blank white page and there is black text "unsafe" on top left corner. Thats all. Is my Sense working properly? And I double checked, I have tracking and browsing protection on.


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    Sounds as not (at least, based on avaialble descriptions for "How SENSE works");

    Do you able to re-check with another device/platform (connected to SENSE) - what will be there?

    F-Secure test page still not blocked?


    And/Or additionally -> if you have Android or Windows device and there installed SENSE app - does page is blocked - when SENSE-app installed?

  • Same thing with iPad. I rebooted the device and now it shows blocked threats, but still same thing with unsafe page... gonna try tomorrow with one android device if it has the same problem. But seems to me that something is wrong.

  • Thanks for the support, here is what I found out. I tried with Huawei MediaPad T3 / Android and unsafe page was blocked as it should. I cleared cache of Safari on my iPhone. Unsafe page was not blocked. Cleared cache of Dolphin on my iPhone and page was blocked. Tried to clear couple more times the cache on Safari and still did not work. 


    I had Adblocker by F-Secure on, so i turned it off, cleared cache and after that the unsafe page was blocked. I turned adblocker back on and unsafe page is still blocked.


    So in the end, now it works as it should be. But you may want to take a look if there is something with Adblocker and Sense that some how make this scenario appear...

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    Thanks for the update, we'll keep an eye of such behavior. We'll also check there is a way to improve the behavior of the SENSE block page caching on browsers for a future update.


    Br. Simo

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