SENSE as main router?

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Ok, so I have managed to complete a setup of my SENSE device.


Before, I had a classic setup:

- Router, also serving as DHCP server and WiFi access

- for better coverage, a WAP connected via cable to main router


Connected to this, I now have my SENSE connected via cabel to my router for internet access.


According to the minimalistic documentation, I _should_ be able to set up my sense to be the WAN facing router, connecting via VDSL modem to the internet, and my private network running behind it. Which is what I want.


Once that is done, I would like tp configure my old router to be a WAP for the SENSE WiFi, and also configure my other WAP to be WAP to the seNSE network.


But for the life of me I can't find any settings to configure the SENSE to perform the normal roter services, like being a DHCP server, and how to enter my ISP credentials to connect to the internet as PPOE.


Is this even possible?


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    PPPoE is not supported at the moment, but we have it on our roadmap of features.

    SENSE does act as a DHCP server for any device connected to the SENSE network.


    You can refer to this post for a longer answer regarding upstream connectivity and wifi extenders


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    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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    Ok, I'll accept this answer. I read the linked article - I just have no idea which device will handle the PPPOE login, because my current primary router does not give me the option to enter credentials when I change to bridged mode.


    So I will just hook up SENSE as the only device behind the router and connect all other devices to it.


    Just have to figure out how to make my current primary router (Linksys WRT1900ACS) act as a WAP while still being primary router - I am pretty sure that beats SENSE in terms of WiFi power...

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