Question on Sense Subscription

RavC Posts: 9 Explorer

How does the Sense subscription work? I talked to someone on Fsecure chat and they tell me to check my Digital River purchase email. I logged into my Digital River account and all I can see is a one off payment for £169 for Sense router? Since I paid via Paypal for Sense, I checked my Paypal account for pre-approved payments ... again nothing listed there. All I can see on  my Paypal account is just a one off payment for purchase of the router.


We need a Sense portal for Sense users where we can check router settings/subscription auto-renewal settings, devices registered and so on. Additonally, how does device activation work on Sense? If I hard reset or soft reset Sense router, does this free up all used activated devices? If not then a Sense based portal with ability to delete redundant devices would be a welcome feature.


I'm asking these questions as I'm coming from Kaspersky and I'm used to their way of doing things.


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