Dramatic loss of internet speed

With te switch from FRITZ!Box 7490 wireless (XS4ALL provider here in NL) to SENSE wireless I've 'lost' more than half of te speed I'm paying XS4ALL for...


http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6410197146 … with SENSE


http://beta.speedtest.net/result/6410208886 …without SENSE


Any comments...?



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    Apologies for your experience with the WIFI performance, let's try to understand the source of your problem.


    I would like to try and understand your scenario a bit further.


    1) How is your SENSE connected to the internet, through a cable or through WIFI?


    If you are using WIFI connection as an upstream connection method, the connection speed between SENSE and your router is using the 2.4GHz WIFI band, which has a physical limitation on the available data-rate and you may not reach your full internet connection capacity. Unfortunately 5 GHz bands are not supported for upstream at this time due to stability issues with certain frequencies.


    2) SENSE provides two WIFI networks, one running on the 2.4 Ghz band and another at 5 GHz, the 5 GHz should provide a significantly faster connection.


    For maximum performance we recommend connecting SENSE to the Internet using a cable and using the available 5 Ghz network for wireless client connectivity.


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead



  • TDKTDK Posts: 3

    Hi Simo,


    Thanks for your quick reply! The SENSE is connected trough WIFI and I did use de 5 Ghz band for the measurements.


    Using a cable would mean I have to place the SENSE near my FRITZ!Box in a (confined) hall closet or roll out an ugly cable in my living room...In the first case speed will definately increase and perhaps reach the same level that I was used to and in the second option my wife will kill me...😉


    As a SAFE and FREEDOME user I ask myself if the SENSE has any added value comparing it to my 'old' and well protected setup...


    Best Regards,



  • Well how did your wireless work before then?

    Did you have some other wireless access point connected via wifi to the fritzbox?

    Also you could just roll out the cable and change wifi for wife. Robot wink

  • TDKTDK Posts: 3

    SENSE is in here box again...As a FREEDOME + SAFE (by xs4all) user I am pretty safe I guess...When I turn on Freedome I lose some speed too but is is not as dramatic as with using SENSE trough WiFi. And I can choose between safety or speed...With SENSE the options are limited...


    In every picture SENSE is shown connected "wireless" and that makes the WAF (women acceptance factor) OK. Spending the money on SENSE isn't adding any value in my setup and frankly: my FRITZ!Box 7490 is an overall better wireless performer.


    That doesn't mean SENSE is a bad product, it's just not the right upgrade for me now. But you never know how SENSE will develop in the (near) future...





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