no pairing code displayed

Belamanth1 Posts: 26 Explorer

Well, I'm stuck on the very first step of the setup.


I plug my SENSE device, wait for the display to start pulsating, pressed the blue button, and now I am waiting for the four-digit code to appear on the display.


Tried restarting multiple times, also waited for approx 15 minutes... nothing. Only four pulsating squares on the display.


  • F6
    F6 Posts: 53 Enthusiast

    Hi, do you feel the "click" when you press the button ? Just after, the display shoul show rotating little quare.

  • Qilly
    Qilly Posts: 12 Observer

    You need to start the Sense App on your Mobile Device.


    Once the App connects to the router, the router will display the code. Not before.

  • Belamanth1
    Belamanth1 Posts: 26 Explorer

    The App was connected, and said I was to continue AFTER the four digit code was displayed. I need the code to be able to pair the two, app and router.


    As I said, after I performed a reset, the router displayed a code after the pulsating four squares, ans I was able to connect.

  • Qilly
    Qilly Posts: 12 Observer


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