Nefit ModuLine Easy thermostat

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It was quite hard to get my Nefit ModuLine Easy thermostat online.


The whole time the Nefit Easy stated that it did not get a connection to the internet when I was running the setup of the Nefit Easy:

- I'm able to setup the WIFI as is explained in the manual of the Easy (hard reset is really necessary, otherwise it does not store the WIFI password).
- I do see the Easy in the Sense app. It does get an IP address.

- I can PING the Easy and get fast reponses.

- But it did not pass the setup stating that it is connnected to the internet.


What did work was waiting. After several hours it did get connected to the internet.


Perhaps F-Secure can use this device in their test environment to see why this is happening.


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    Hi Qilly,


    Thank you for your feedback regarding SENSE and the thermostat device. I have passed it on to the SENSE team so they can have a look.

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    Hi Qilly,


    The SENSE team is glad to hear it started working after all (and sorry that it took so long).


    One easy test in similar cases is to temporarily disable the protection functions one by one (in the SENSE app go to “… More” /Settings / Protection) and see if helps. Remember to enable the protection after the test.


    Thanks for the suggestion to test this device in the test environment. The issue is that this device is not (easily) available in Finland. Anyway, we‘ve added this device to our list for compatibility testing.

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