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I have a Sense router on a wifi connection to my original router.  I've had problems with Skype on my PC since switching to the Sense network.  I don't have a problem when on an ethernet connection nor wifi to my original router but with Sense, Skype keeps dropping out.  

There has been a problem with Skype recently but that has now been resolved according to Microsoft but the symptoms are the same with Skype constantly reverting to 'connecting' status.

The fact that it only occurs while connected to Sense would appear to indicate some conflict.

Any thoughts?





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    Sorry for the very late reply.


    There should not be any Skype specific compatibility issues that we would be aware of, we use Skype video through SENSE  as a window between our development sites. Is the skype the only application with issues or do you see other network drops?


    Can you please give a bit more information about your setup:

    • The make / model of the router you have in front of SENSE
    • Your internet service provider, connection speed and type (dsl, cable, 4g…)

    Depending on your environment, there may be WIFI interference or some interoperability issue with your router. You could also try setting up SENSE with a cable connection. To take things further you could also try using it as a primary router by setting your old router into bridge-mode and turning of its WIFI.


    Give these a go and let us know if the issues persist.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • Hi


    I decided to give up on SENSE and am in the process of refund.  I found the whole experience quite frustrating and decided it wasn't what I expected and that what I have in place is adequate for my needs.  

    However in answer to your questions I can't give you a model/make for my router other than tell you it is the standard dsl home router type B provided by British Telecom.

    I placed the SENSE router where I normally use an extender to cover the upper house.  The signal was not as good as the extender and of course connecting my PC to the SENSE router gave me a poorer connection on my PC.  Moving the SENSE router nearer to the primary router and my PC gave me a better wifi connection but much poorer in the upper house.

    I have Skype on PC.  Neither an ethernet connection nor a wifi connection to my primary router was a problem.   The primary router is next to my PC.   When connected by wifi to the SENSE router, Skype kept dropping out. Using the Skype log showed it disconnected every two or three minutes with several attempts to connect before connecting for a short period.  This appeared to be less of a problem when the SENSE router was closer to the primary router but still made Skype unusuable.

    There wasn't any point in connecting the SENSE router by cable unless it enabled me to place the SENSE router where I could make use of it around the house.  Setting it up as primary router I would see as a similar problem.  

    I presume an equipment has to be connected to it to be protected?  I didn't try connecting extenders to the SENSE router which I presume would work?  Would the extenders still be secure?   It isn't clear whether this would work or whether just having the SENSE router somewhere in the network provides protection.  Does everything have to be connected through the SENSE router to get protection?

    The only application with an obvious problem was Skype however download speed to my PC when checked was reduced to less than 5Mbps through the SENSE router.  It is normally not much better than 7Mbps.

    Anyway it wasn't for me and I gave up on it!






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    have you foung any fix for that problem ?

    I have same problem even with wired connection.

    Sense is connected with wire to dsl router (Inteno VG50_R / DNA dsl).

    Computer is connected to sense with wire.

    Skype connection is dropped even network (http) connection works fine at same time.

    It does same even now when I am writing this message.

    Skype works normally when computer is connected to dsl router directly.


  • Well skype is very bandwidth hungry app.

    So you need to get good performance from your connection in any environment.

    I would just recommend connecting sense via cable to the wan router.

    Or at least get a very good 5ghz capable wan router if you want to go with wifi.

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    as I write all connections are done with cable and the problem happends when skype is not used, but it is  waiting for call. 


    after 5 minutes it is connected


    and after few seconds disconnected again



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    I have the exact same problem with Skype for business on my work PC when i work from home behind sense.

    Skype keeps on signing out / signing in all day long when not in use


    It doesn't happen when i'm on other networks.

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    Thanks for sending these reports, as stated before we use skype every day / constantly through SENSE as a permanent videolink our other office and at least the video appears stable throughout the day.


    I have made an issue of this in our backlog, we'll keep an eye of problematic behavior and see if we can reproduce and analyze it.

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    I have the same problem with Sense. Skype (for Business) connection and calls keep dropping constantly. It can be noticed by Skype client going to offline state and then going back online after a few seconds when the client is just idle or used for chatting. This keeps happening constantly regardless if there is other network activity or not. During a Skype call the call completely disconnects (if the call is made to an external Skype for Business server) or an error message can be seen (Server connection was automatically restored) when connected to my own employer's Skype for Business server or O365. This keeps happening frequently during any call.


    As a result, Sense is completely useless for home office/business use. When I switch back to my old Sagemcom FAST3686 WLAN access point, Skype for Business works flawlessly and is always stable.


    OS and SW info:


    Skype for Business 2016 MSO 16.0.8431.2046 64-bit

    Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit, version 1511

    OS build 10586.1106

    Client PC connected wirelessly to WLAN

    Sense with latest security firmware 2017-20-23_01-p-, Radio firmware


    Please, please investigate this issue as soon as possible. As there are other similar reports, it doesn't sound like a coincidence. For me, the problem started immediately after switching from old AP to Sense.


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    Also please note that this is Skype for Business, formerly known as Microsoft Lync that was rebranded by Microsoft. it is not the same software as Skype, even though they are compatible to an extent and there are visual similarities.



  • Joining this discussion to follow it, though I have an open ticket of the same topic. This Skype for Business problem is an annoying glitch in otherwise so great product!

  • Hi!


    Same thing here!


    I've got 100/10Mbit/s fiber connection. I'm sitting 2,5 meters from Sense and the user experience is terrible. Constantly disconnecting Skype, awful download speeds, constantly breaking management app... 


    I'm considering refund too.


    F-Secure, fix this! 

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    For optimal network performance we recommend using a wired connection to the internet and LAN and using the  5Ghz WIFI for your wireless clients.


    WIFI upstream connection is bound to the 2.4GHz network interface, which has physical limitations on available bandwidth. You won't be able to get maximum benefit from your 100Mbit fiber connection if SENSE is using WIFI for internet connectivity.


    If you are facing WIFI issues, try switching the wifi channel from the network settings on the management app. If you are using WIFI upstream, the upstream wifi channel has to be changed from the upstream router.


    What phone / OS are you using with your management app? Please let us know how it is breaking.

  • Hi,

    it has nothing to do with bandwith.

    The problem occures also when I am not in call.

    It also hangs call sometimes.


  • Is your sense in double nat mode or behind bridged mode? As in is sense the first router or is it connected a another one like adsl modem etc.?


  • Hi! In my case SENSE is connected with Ethernet cable to ISP's fiber optics "modem" (or whatever the thing is). It receives a public IP from there and then creates private network (WiFi and wired). No double NATting.

  • Hi

    in my case the sense is connected to DNA Kotimokkula 4G+ MF286.

    Earlier it was connected to adsl modem.

    Same problem with both of those modems.

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    Skype for Business problem here also with Sense

    Client freezes, rooms start reloading and blinking.


    Connection is 100/10 ethernet connection and Sense receives public IP.

    Laptop connected with cable (tried with wifi also).


    Works fine with old Linksys router.

    Works fine if I switch to Huawei mobilerouter or even use iPhone as hotspot.


    Laptop has also changed but issue remains.

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    Rest assured, no one cares because ”Skype” works fine at F-Secure lab. Keep filing more reports, all you get is a recommendation to start using wired connection. I had to quit using Sense for my home office because the issues with Skype for Business make the network useless for everyday work use.


    I’m amazed by the level of ignorance in communication over this issue. 

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    I want to assure everyone we are taking this issue seriously, but until we can reproduce the problem properly it's a bit of a guessing game of what exactly could be wrong.


    Currently we are working on a slightly bigger bugfix firmware release,  but it seems likely we won't be able to ship it to production within the Christmas window. However we are targetting early January. Once that firmware is out, we can check if any of the changes we have made improves this scenario for the affected customers. If the issues persist after the next firmware build, we need to still dig deeper and try to understand the conditions in which this problem occurs.


    We have people internally also using skype and skype for business also through SENSE. I'll have another ask-around with our internal test groups to see if anybody has had specific issues regarding their connection stability that could possibly allow us to get more information on this.


    We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

  • Noticed also the same with Skype, status was on/off. Wired connection all the way, no NATting, 100/10 line. Issues started when starting to use Sense. 


    After changing my DNS to 9.99.9, no more issues. 

  • ARosti
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    Tried DNS, did not change behaviour in my case. Hopefully resolution comes soon!

  • Same thing. I had high hopes but no... No change! Smiley Sad
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    Same here, no issues so far!

  • Hi!


    Just ended fourth Skype-meeting in a row with now problems.





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    Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback and your patience.

    Do keep us informed if you still discover any further issues in this area.


    Best Regards:

    Simo / SENSE QA Lead

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