Sense App not showing Devices

Hi all, 

I just Set up my Sense. Installed The App first on my Android  tablet,later also on my Android Phone. The App on  The Phone doesnt Show The Devices section. 

Is only the first device with The App able to Show the Devices section? 

Thanks in advance 



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    Hi, it seems to my that only one device can "control" Sense.

    - it "seems", due to the lack of documentation, I can't affirm this

    - "control": I have never seen a device with such poor controls: no fixed DHCP leases, and no port forward (!!!)



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    @F6 wrote:

    Hi, it seems to my that only one device can "control" Sense.

    - it "seems", due to the lack of documentation, I can't affirm this



    Based on this article from this page looks like that "only first device should control SENSE":


    Phase 1: Setting up the SENSE network and protecting your first device 
    1. Download the SENSE app onto the phone or tablet that you want to use to control your secure SENSE network.
    2. Power up your SENSE router.
    3. Use the app to create your secure SENSE network.


    But I'm also just F-Secure user (but not F-Secure SENSE user) - so it was also as suggestion (additionally to your suggestion);


    Sorry for my reply.



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    You don't have to be sorry.


    I'm an IT professional (an FSecure certified !), and for me a documentation isn't a simple webpage, with big pictures for childrens^H^H^H^H^Husers, and not a quick start manual. It is far below the FS standards. I said when I discovered FS was made such a product "WOW, it will be powerful and with the basic features encoutered into basics routers". It's not at all, I'm very disappointed.


    The product lacks of basic documentation, explaining how it modify the network topology: it create an interconnection network (call it an "DMZ" if you want) between the WAN interface of Sense and the user endpoint (in  my country they are called "Boxes", with many services like paid TV on it, but it can be a simple DSL or fiber modem), and create an brand new network on the LAN interfaces, with no way to routing between them.

    It destroys all the port forwarding, and the communication with devices (often TV services) and the "Box" is impossible.


    As is, it is only for very basic installations, and the problems I encountered while setting it (8x the total process of initialization !) aren't compatible with users of very basic installations.

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    Yes, there definitely should be proper documentation and guides (and I think that it will be?! and strange that it not comes already) as it can be with most of other F-Secure meanings; More, than already available;


    My reply was... generally... not as "look, there is documentation!" - but just as "there is official article which should affirm this!";

    By "this" -> I mean topic's, your and my suggestions that there just only one (first) device will control F-Secure SENSE (as paired to Sense);



    I decided to do this  - since there can be delay with good official response (because - weekends), but such ask-point probably with one potential design-view.

    I also able to think hat this kind of feedback (your feedback) should be useful and with proper attention by F-Secure SENSE team. For my opinion - they was with enough time for proper check most of 'common' situations (or prepare some kind of "tips");


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    Yes, I understood this like you described :) (no RTFM syndrom !)


    But I'm not sure, for my point of view, that the very few informations are in the way "there's only one device who can manage"

    (at the end, for me, setting of a device with an app, on IOS, Android or anything else is a very bad idea, look at the port forwarding settting not avilable on Android ! If it was on the device, there were no problem at all)

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    I think that if you want granular controls that most savvy users demand, then you're out of luck.  The app is basic.


    I have the opposite of @surfin_robby's problem, in that the app now shows that I have 45 devices (I'm lucky to even own half of the list!), because it would seem that if log in to the 2.4GHz band then that's one device and if I do so with the same device on the 5GHz band then that's another connected device.  I suppose this makes a convoluted kind of sense, but not tidy at all.


    I've renamed my Amazon Fire TVs on the device list, but the app keeps renaming them back to something else.  And it's given my Sony TV a friendly name of Fire TV - awesome!  


    You can't even delete a device!

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    Hi Bert,


    Just to confirm what Ukko has mentioned, Only one device that has the SENSE app installed can act as the admin app.  You can find the answer in this page under 'How does F-Secure SENSE work'.

  • Thanks Laksk and all others, 

    I Think, I Have to deal with it.

    Best regards Bert 


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