SENSE and a gigabit switch

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I have my desktop pc, a network disk and a burglar alarm connected to a gigabit switch, which in turn is connected to my router. When I plug it into SENSE it is not recognized as a new device. What do I need to do?





  • Laksh
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    Hi Keith,


    I am checking with the product team for further information regarding your post. I will get back to you once I have an update.

  • keitht
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    I have a suspicion that each device must be aded separately after which they should work through the switch. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet.


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    I have found when installing any wired device the hubs need restarting and then each device attached needs rebooting.  I think this could be (I dont know) due to IP addresses needing to be reset.  I have two 8 port unmanaged gigabit switches that seem to need this!

  • keitht
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    I have connected each device separately and they all seem to be connected to SENSE ok. Had to reboot the desktop pc. I can't see the network drive at all from the pc, however. Once that hurdle is overcome I might try putting them all back onto the gigabit switch.

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    Thanks for reporting your problem, we would like to understand it a bit more.


    Regular "dumb" layer 2 switches should not prevent devices from getting an IP address and showing up in SENSE.


    Are you just disconnecting the switch from your old router and re-connecting it with SENSE while the other devices remain active and connected to the switch as the transfer occurs?


    Would power-cycling the switch in between help?


    I am speculating the possibility that the devices you have connected through your switch do not ask for a new IP address until the physical connection between the device and the switch goes down or until they are instructed to do so.


    Are some of your devices behind the switch configured to use Static IPs?


    You may need to re-configure their IP addresses to match the SENSE subnet or have them get an IP address from SENSE directly via DHCP.


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

  • keitht
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    I think the gigabit switch might be a red herring. What I needed to do was connect each device individually to SENSE to get them recognised, which I have now done, so in theory I can now reconnect them to the switch and plug that in - I haven't tried that yet.


    My problem now is that my desktop pc cannot see the network drive at all, but my phone and iPad can so it's definitely there. Also there's at least one website which I use regularly but I cannot get to, I think it has a certificate problem. Is there a way to specify exceptions to SENSE?

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    Hi, I use Sense attached to a GigaBit switch (and a bunch of CPL devices), and I have no problem for obtaining IP addresses, and for inter-devices communications.

    You have not explained your topology with accuracy. That's my configuration:

    - First, the box (the router) connected to Internet (in transparent mode, but it was the same while it was still Natted)

    - The Sense connected to it, on the Wan port (the latest to the bottom), the blue one

    - and then, connected to a Lan port (one of the white ones), the switch

    - and the cable device are connected to the switch (the CPL master, another switch and computer/NAS/...)


    The behaviour you describe sounds like your switch is connected to the wan side.

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