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Hopefully I am missing a setting but I cannot find a way of connecting to the sense using WPS. I have a Sky Q booster that only supports setting up the wireless connection to boost via WPS, you cannot manually add connect to a network.


Does the unit support WPS, if so how do you use it?  If not does anyone know if its feature thats coming soon?




  • Ryanb
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    Spoken to F-Secure and the sense does not support a basic function like WPS. They have added it as to the feature request list.


    Starting to think I've bought a very expensive clock.



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    try a workaround

    give your Sense Router the same SSID and WPA Key from your old Router.

    You can do this with the Sense App.

    If your WPS connected Device will see the known SSID it will try to connect.

    This should work, because most Devices ignore the APs MAC Address.



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    The absence of wps is a big gap, there are several IoT devices that allow you to be configured only by this, in my case for example even the daikin controller for the air conditioner cannot be configured differently, I understand it can be a security issues, but also need to find a solution to it.

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    @FS_Simo wrote:

    Hi, apologies for late response.


    Supporting WPS was considered during development but because WPS has fundamental security issues (it practically allows joining your wifi without a secure password) we made a decision to not include support for it in SENSE.


    Best Regards:

    Simo Punnonen / SENSE QA Lead

    Understand what you are saying but if you had in the design enabled WPS only via a physical button on the unit to hack it would not require that someone would have to break into my house press the button to get access to my network?



  • The security flaw in WPS does not require physical access to the device in order to gain access/hack it.
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