Network Traffic Analysis / Firewall Compatability

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The context of my questions below are based on the following using a Windows 10 OS, industry standard modem, router, and switches.

  • Wireless LAN
  • Wireless web enabled thermostat
  • Wireless security system
  • Wireless security cameras
  • SMART devices such as TV, game systems
  • Wired NAS (Synology) with internal and external application apps, i.e., VPN, security camera app, music apps, etc.
  • Wired security cameras

 I note from the F-Secure Sense webiste information the following from FAQ:  What makes F-Secure Sense different from other products on the market?


F-Secure Sense Answer: Deploying a high-end router with current Wi-Fi technology, F-Secure Sense analyzes network traffic in the home and prevents attacks from ever reaching the various devices in your home network, which may include anything from your PCs, laptops, smartphones to Smart TVs and Smart Locks.


While I relize F-Secure Sense is not a firewall, rather a "router" product, the F-Secure Sense "router" does provide somewhat similar protection servcices as a firewall.  




  1. Please advise what "analyzes network traffic" means relative to connected network devices via F-Sense in comparison to firewall "network inspecaton at levels 3-7" of a 3rd party firewall?
  2. If substantially different, does  F-Secure recommend to install a "layered" 3rd party firewall, i.e., DOS attackes?
  3. If so, is F-Sesnse compatibile with industry standard 3rd party firewalls

 Thanks for your consideration.


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    Thanks so much for the clear explanation.  Your reply informs me with what I needed to know.


    My firewall question was in reference to a network firewall.  You have clarified.

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    Happy to know it cleared your questions, @Zippy_MS!

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