Add FSecure SENSE to TOTAL subscription?

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I got my FSecure Sense added to my TOTAL subscription last year but now I dont see it anymore in my pages and I cant reach the sense network. How do I add it again?

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    Hi @magnuss55

    Welcome to our Community page. Thank you for your post.

    I can see that you have contacted our support to assist you with this issue. We are glad to assist you.

    If you have already bought F-Secure TOTAL before, then we can add your F-Secure SENSE to your F-Secure TOTAL subscription. In order to do so, please contact our customer support with your F-Secure SENSE serial number. 

    Note that when F-Secure SENSE subscription is linked to F-Secure TOTAL, the F-Secure SENSE free subscription will be lost and new validity will be based on the expiry date of your F-Secure TOTAL subscription. 

    If you have purchased F-Secure SENSE through your F-Secure TOTAL account, F-Secure SENSE will automatically be linked to your account. 

    Thank you and stay safe.

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