Cast from Xiaomi Mi-Box not working on SENSE ROUTER

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For casting any video from my phone to my TV, i use my Mi-Box (Xiaomi) plugged on my internet router and on my TV, and it works pretty well.

With any app on my phone (Youtube, TV etc.) i can watch it on my TV.

Now i want to use my F-Secure SENSE router and not my regular internet router. So i plugged my Xiaomi Mi-Box on the SENSE router. But now, i cannot cast my phone on my Mi-Box anymore.

Before, without F SECURE SENSE router, my Mi-Box detected a cast from my phone. But not anymore. This is just boring.

Can i set something on my F SENSE router in order to make the cast work ?

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    Hi @PepsF

    Generically speaking all devices in the home network should be connected to SENSE to get protected.

    Exception to the rule is set-top boxes, pay-TV boxes, Xiaomi Mi-Box etc,. and similar as usually they have some proprietary protocol between the router and set-top box that might be blocked by SENSE as these protocols are usually not publicly documented we can’t do much to help the situation in SENSE.

    That’s why the only option is to connect the set-top box to the original router directly.


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