After setup - replace old router?

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I have set up my SENSE device as per the guides on the site and it is now running, using my old router as gateway.

Is there a way to remove the old router and connect directly to the internet?

I am now with the FTTH provider "Deutsche Glasfaser", and could connect the cable directly to the provider, but in the network setup on the SENSE device, I can't remove the gateway entry -- which wouod not exist in this case anymore.

Deutsche Glasfaser tells me that any router that can access the internet without credentials should be able to pick up the required configuration data from their end. Can SENSE do this?


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    Hi @Belamanth1

    F-Secure SENSE Router is a secure router that sits between your modem/WiFi( provided by your ISP) and your connected devices in the home network. Both cabled (Ethernet) and WiFi connections are supported on both sides of the SENSE Router.

    In order to work, F-Secure SENSE router still required the primary device(modem/WiFi router/Wall Ethernet Socket) which should be connected to the internet.

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