Random restarts

Hi! I'm having issue where Sense is restarting now and then. Last night the Sense restarted about 5 times, today morning it has restarted several times. And just now it has done it again restarting around 5 times. Any idea what is causing this issue?


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    Hi @Saimoni 


    This is rather strange to see F-Secure SENSE restarts on its own without an electrical surge causing it.


    Would you be able to try to reset the SENSE router to factory settings as a means of troubleshooting the issue?


    You may find the instructions in the below guide:


    Please be advised this would completely clear out any configuration you have for the network, and thus should permit to set up a new configuration. 


    Do let us know if this helps. 

  • It mostly happens when I'm watching Netflix or Apple TV+. It's odd that the clock is set to 4 - 5 minutes forward after the restart and sets itself to correct time when connection is established. 

    I'll reset at some point. But is there any problems that might occur because I've set the Sense's WiFi as my WiFi is set with the Apple Airports, I just copied the name and the password from my Airport WiFi to Sense, but I made sure that 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels are set manually to not to conflict each other on each Airport and Sense?

  • After the full reset Sense has restarted 3 times in an hour. 


    It must be a load issue. I have around 30 devices which are around 4 IoT, 2 Apple TV's, LG C9 and SL8YG soundbar, 2 Airport Extremes and a TimeCapsule, Nintendo Switch and lots of Apple devices and so on. 

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    Jaims Posts: 860 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Saimoni 


    Thank you for your response and sincere apologies for this issue with your F-Secure SENSE. 


    We suspect this is a hardware or firmware fault. Kindly check the firware version that is currently running on the SENSE app to be sure that you have the latest version which is

  • It's running 2019-10-15_01 - p- Radio sw is 


    I'd happy to help in any way. I have opt in to share all information from the start in the app so if there is any need to check log etc. 

  • Jaims
    Jaims Posts: 860 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @Saimoni 


    Thanks for your swift responses.


    I will contact you shortly so you could provide us with more details. We will be glad to assist you further on this and provide you with all the necessary technical supports required. 


    Kindly read through the F-Secure SENSE router warranty information just in case the router might need a replacement.

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