Where to find the WPA 2 key?

I've got a new TV an tried to connet it wireless to the Internet. I was asked to fill in the WPA2 key, but haven't been able to see, where to find the WPA 2 key.

I tried the password from F-secure SENSE, but the TV only accept letters and numbers and not special caracters.



  • JaimsJaims Posts: 326

    Hi @ErlingM 


    Do you mean you want to connect your TV to the WiFi network and it's requesting for the WiFi password?


    You just need to enter the WiFi password from F-Secure SENSE and if there is no option for special characters, then we suggest you change your password to accommodate alphabets and numbers only. That should work. 

  • ErlingMErlingM Posts: 3

    Thx for answering. 

    I was not aware, that the automatic generated password could be changed. But I'll try.

    And I've informed the TV manufacturer (one of my clients) about the problem with security level: F-secure (and I!) want a high level, the TV just want to make it easy for the users and therefore the special characters and not used.


  • ErlingMErlingM Posts: 3

    It took a while - but now I've tried to follow your advise - but it doesn't work:

    When I change the password to the net work in the SENSE app to a new one without special characters, I press Save and the OK to the warning.

    But the password will automatically go back to the one, the system have created.

    Back to start so to speak - and I still can't get my Smart TV on the internet, which leave it as a non-Smart TV!

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 326

    Hi @ErlingM

    Since apologies for the late response.

    Fist, could you please let us know the exact error message on the TV?

    Secondly, am I right to say that this issue sufficed only on the Smart TV and other devices can connect via WiFi?

    Have you tested connecting to the main router or via wired to SENSE without any issue? We would like to confirm if the issue is only via WiFi. You may also try to change your SENSE WiFi password to 16+ characters and see if that helps.

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