Where to find the WPA 2 key?

I've got a new TV an tried to connet it wireless to the Internet. I was asked to fill in the WPA2 key, but haven't been able to see, where to find the WPA 2 key.

I tried the password from F-secure SENSE, but the TV only accept letters and numbers and not special caracters.



  • JaimsJaims Posts: 298

    Hi @ErlingM 


    Do you mean you want to connect your TV to the WiFi network and it's requesting for the WiFi password?


    You just need to enter the WiFi password from F-Secure SENSE and if there is no option for special characters, then we suggest you change your password to accommodate alphabets and numbers only. That should work. 

  • ErlingMErlingM Posts: 3

    Thx for answering. 

    I was not aware, that the automatic generated password could be changed. But I'll try.

    And I've informed the TV manufacturer (one of my clients) about the problem with security level: F-secure (and I!) want a high level, the TV just want to make it easy for the users and therefore the special characters and not used.


  • ErlingMErlingM Posts: 3

    It took a while - but now I've tried to follow your advise - but it doesn't work:

    When I change the password to the net work in the SENSE app to a new one without special characters, I press Save and the OK to the warning.

    But the password will automatically go back to the one, the system have created.

    Back to start so to speak - and I still can't get my Smart TV on the internet, which leave it as a non-Smart TV!

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