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I have a new phone, on my old phone i configured the sense home router with the sense home app. Now i want the sense home app on my new phone. When starting the app, the app tells me to start with a new installation. Which instructions should i follow?


Regards Dave 

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    Hello @davewebnl 

    SENSE currently supports only one device as admin device. If you want to change your old admin device to a new one, you need to reset the SENSE router and start over the set up process.


    1. Perform a soft reset on the F-Secure SENSE router.
    2. Using your new device to be used as admin device, set up F-Secure SENSE.

    Tip: During the set up process, reuse your previous network name (SSID) and password to avoid reconnecting all your devices to the newly setup SENSE network.

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