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2.4gz won't accept the password but 5 does. 



change pass

change channel


nothing works. 
Tried getting the guest network to run but same issue on 2.4. 

Tested on 3 phones. And 3 pair of eyes and password is correct. 

Router factory reset 2 months back. Is it time again?

Edit: did factory reset and works for 2 out 3 now for the most time. guess that is well enough. 


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    Hello @random15530 


    You can Check Latest Version of Firmware is already installed on your F-Secure Sense IoT. If its already done, there are some common reasons why you are getting " Incorrect Password" error that we need you to check on your end.


    1. Make sure you know the correct password of the Wi-Fi channel network.

    2. Make sure you are joining the correct Wi-Fi network, sometimes they have similar names as nearby i.e guest Wi-Fi access points.

    3. Make sure you are entering the guest Wi-Fi password correctly, they are case sensitive and the Wi-Fi password must be an exact match.

    4. Make sure you do not have CAPS LOCK or an alternative language keyboard enabled when entering the password.


    If none of the above improve the situation, we need you to contact our F-Secure Support team for further investigation.

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