Huge loss of internet speed

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I used to be able to get 900-1000mbit/s until I bought the F-Secure Sense, after that I only got around low 200mbit/s. I was told that this product would be able to give me the 1000mbit/s through cable which I AM using. I'm using a cat7 cable so that shouldn't be the issue.


before_after.png11th of May: my speed was measured to 897, as of 15th of May the speed measured was instead 272, but it kind of fluctuates between 220-275.


I paid so much money for this product and it's not working correctly? Or am I missing something here?


  • Jaims
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    Hi @liljan 


    Kindly have a look at this KB article here and see how you can better understand the factors that affect coverage and speed. 

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