Can't logon to F-Sense after SW update

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I've just installed the F-Secure Sense and during the installation it did an upgrade. At first I was able to logon. Then for some reason unable to logon for all devices. iPhone, iPad and MacBook,  Andorid Smart TV, Android Internet radio, Android Blu ray player and Widows PC.


All devices on latest SW also unable to logon after it was logon on.. It seemed that all devices were kicked off and unable to logon until the F-Sense HW has complete reset.


Also when logon internet connection extrelemly slow. 70mb/ps down link became less than 1mb/ps.


Message from when rtrying to logon "Incorrect Password"... Even though the password is correct.


I've even removed the hardwire connection for the NAS drive to oringal router.


Even when nothing is connected and do a complete reset. New install the iPhone is connected then is kicked off. Message on app "Incorrect password


Have now re-conencted directly to router and not F-Sense.


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